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Some areas require special solutions which include compact area difficult to deploy site or temporary solution requirement due to environmental impact. Thus Rapid Deployment Solution Is the ultimate alternative to the traditional deployment concept.

This solution offers exclusive advantages in infrastructure deployment like; quickness, simplicity and cost efficiency. It consists of a dimensional and transportable modular foundation that allows a complete built-up of the System in a record time.

Its features make it unique:

  • Non-invasive installation that allows a clean and rapid deployment.
  • Only one visit required for a complete System assembly.
  • Equally simple to deploy both mono and multi carrier infrastructures, which even allows the coexistence of different technologies.
  • Solution with towers up to 60m
  • Minimum footprint can be placed in any compact area as less as (4m * 4m).
  • Permits the deployment independently of weather conditions.
  • The installation is transportable and can de easily reallocated without leaving any footprint.
  • Installable in any environment and independent to local resources for an exhaustive control of time and costs.
  • Storable. Permits a logistic plan much more efficient (just need to know the deployment configuration to take the necessary elements from the warehouse).
  • Can be easily moved to any other location.
  • Extendable. It can be easily extended, dynamically adapted to customer requirements, by adding modules that conform the foundation.
  • Facility to “Green System” adaptation. Allows integration of solar and eolic power energy solutions without modifying the installed infrastructure

Our most unique rapidly deployable solutions are as follows:

  • MFUC/MFOC RDS - This solution can be used as a temporary or permanent site, the temporary site can be made permanent using an accessory.
  • KICO RDS – This solution is made for very compact area (4m * 4m), where feasibility of other temporary solutions is zero.
  • GRD Monopole –It is an on-ground RDS which is a very cost effective solution which is rapidly deployable within 12 hours even on the worst soils. No excavation work is required and the solution is also re-locatable.
  • Cell on wheels (COW) – A very common temporary solution which can be installed within hours. It can easily be re-located.
GRD Monopole
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