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In-building Solutions, IBS, are solutions that provides mobile coverage inside buildings, where the coverage, capacity or quality otherwise would not had been satisfactory. In-building Solutions are increasingly deployed and introduced to mobile networks, as user demands for “everywhere coverage” are matched by the opportunity for mobile operators to offer improved services and increase traffic revenues. Measurements show that up to 80% of the traffic generated from an in-building site.

People nowadays to a large extent also expect their mobile phones to work inside shopping malls, airports, metros, offices, hotels etc, and increasingly in places such as road and train tunnels, elevators and underground garages. Present and future mobile Internet services with high data rates provide numerous opportunities for the operators where tailor-made application packages may be introduced to satisfy any end-user service requirement at for example an office, airport, exhibition centre or subway station, conference centre, hotel or shopping mall.

There are several different ways to implement in-building solutions. Dedicated Radio Base Stations, RBSs, that are connected to Distributed Antenna Systems, DASs, are commonly implemented solutions. These solutions provide additional capacity as well as covers “black holes” inside different kinds of buildings. A number of different types of both RBSs and DASs are available and the solutions can be customized for different buildings and needs. Repeaters are often used for buildings with a limited need for capacity, but where additional coverage is needed, like road tunnels and smaller buildings or parts of buildings.

WAJDA has over 20 years of experience in IBS and currently holds more than 85 % of all IBS Services in Kuwait. One of the noticeable achievements of WAJDA was installation of tri operator shared site with 120 Indoor Antennas in Kuwait Royal Palace within a very limited time frame of 4 days. The task was completed successfully and appreciated by the customer.

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