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The growing demand for telecommunication infrastructure has lead the industry to install a great number of towers in densely populated areas or in touristic zones where the installation of a tower can cause a considerable environment impact. The industry has been challenged to find solutions to these unsightly towers and monopoles. One such solution is the utilization of camouflage, blending the tower or pole into its surrounding environment.

There are several types of camouflage solutions. The traditional method for monopoles is to disguise them as palm trees or public illumination poles. There are other solutions in which a special architectural design application is used to blend the equipment into existing structures. The architectural design must be executed precisely to give the appearance of an unobtrusive setting.

WAJDA offers a wide variety of very clever and interesting camouflage solutions. Our products range from the traditional tree structures up to the very special project specific application. Our camouflage products are easily adaptable to existing architecture and rooftop installations. Our camouflage products are engineered to provide all the required reinforcement.

WAJDA was the first contractor to install the first ever & only Mosaic Tower inMiddle East. In 2011, it was the third Mosaic Tower to be installed in the World.Mosaic Tower is designed by an Italian Fabric Designer. It is the most beautifully designed Telecom Structure. We have a wide range of variety in Camouflage Solutions. Some of them are shown below.

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