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  WAJDA Picnic 2012: (15-08-2013)

In view of promoting harmony, cordial co-existence and encouragement among the staff members a one day picnic was conducted byWajda international on 30th November 2012, in a desert camp at Wafra. The event was very interesting and meaningful by the active participation of all members.

On the early morning of Fridaya convoy of buses/van/carscarrying all the staff members arrived at the venue, the event kicked off with the breakfast followed by prayer. As scheduled the Picnic organizers evolved numerous exciting and fun –filled games such as cricket, volley ball, lemon spoon and dumsherasby dividing the entire group into teams. All the Participants contributed to the success of the picnic by taking part actively in all the games and other varied activities such as barbeque.

The marvelous picnic day blessed with a sunny and cool weather concluded at 8:00pm. WAJDA once again is proud and thankful to all its esteemed members for having made this Picnic, a grand success.

  WAJDA Sports: ()

WAJDA won foot ball tournament 2013 in Bahrain.  

  WAJDAEid Dinner: ()

WAJDA management arranged a memorable get together on EidulFiter to celebrate the religious event and share the joys.

  WAJDA appreciation: ()

recently WAJDA Oman received two appreciation letters from Huawei.  

  WAJDA Bi-Annual Meeting 2013: ()

Wajda Group held Bi-Annual Meeting on 6th July, 2013 in Crowne Plaza Hotel Kuwait to meet its key members to share bi-annual progress of group and to plan future strategies. 

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